Zlatni Prsti — Zlatni Prsti 1976 (Yugoslavia, Hard/Pop Rock)

Исполнитель: Zlatni Prsti
Откуда: Yugoslavia
Альбом: Zlatni Prsti
Год выхода: 1976
Жанр: Hard/Pop Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 94.3 МB

The band was formed in 1970 by Momčilo Radenković (guitar), Slobodan Radenković (bass guitar), Dragan Batalo (keyboards) and Dragan Trajković (drums). The band’s first vocalist was Jovan Rašić. After he moved to Generacija 5, the singing duties were taken over by Momčilo Radenković. The band gained the public’s attention after winning the first place at the Zaječar Gitarijada festival in 1974, after which they appeared on the various artists record published by Radio Belgrade show Veče uz radio (Evening by the Radio) with the song «Naša pesma» («Our Song»). During the same year, the band appeared on the Festival Omladina, with the song «Pevam ti poslednji put» («I Sing to You for the Last Time»), which was published on various artists live album Gde je ljubav: Omladina ’74 (Where Is Love: Youth Festival ’74), recorded on the festival. In 1975, the band appeared on the same festival with the song «Budi hrabra». In 1976, the band released their debut self-titled album through PGP-RTB. The recording of the album lasted only eighteen hours. Most of the songs on the album were composed by Momčilo Radenković, while the lyrics were written by lyricist Mirko Glišić. After the album was released, the band, dissatisfied with the deal they had with PGP-RTB, signed with Diskos, releasing a 7-inch single with the songs «Reših da se ženim» («I Decided to Get Married») and «Posebna si uvek bila» («You Were Always Special») through the label. After that, they signed for Jugoton, releasing their first hit through the label, «Igraj rege» («Dance to Reggae») in 1977. In 1977, the band appeared on the double various artists live album Pop parada 1 (Pop Parade 1), recorded in Pinki Hall, with the songs «Pevajmo ljubavi» («Lets Sing to Love») and «Posebna si uvek bila». During the same year, the band also appeared on the various artists album Brigadirska pesma (Brigadiers’ Song), recorded for the needs of youth work actions, with the song «Ne mogu sam da budem brigada» («I Can’t Be a Brigade just by Myself»). During the same year, the band performed on the sixth BOOM Festival. In 1979, the band released their second studio album, entitled Nokaut! Soon after the album was released, they decided to adopt Nokaut as their new name. With the new name came changes in the lineup: Batalo had to leave the band due to his army obligations, and was replaced by Dušan Maslać (a former member of the band Prava Stvar), and Slobodan Radenković left the band to dedicate himself to his pizzeria, and was replaced by Jovan Nikolić. At the beginning of the 1980s, at the time of the popularity of new wave bands, the band saw a decline of popularity. They tried to keep up with younger acts with new wave influenced songs published on 7-inch singles, but only their ballads saw some moderate success, mostly thanks to Momčilo Radenković’s raspy voice. Soon after, the band ended their activity.

01. Želim — 3:47
02. Imam Pravo Na To — 4:41
03. Dođi U Život Moj — 4:49
04. Draga — 3:40
05. Čokolada — 3:03
06. Nemam Snage — 3:57
07. Pevam Ti Poslednji Put — 3:47
08. Priče O Meni — 4:48
09. Ti Nikad Nećeš Znati — 4:08
10. Pevajmo Ljubavi — 3:33

Momčilo Radenković — guitar, vocals
Dragan Batalo — keyboards
Slobodan Radenković — bass
Dragan Trajković — drums, percussion


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