Twinn Connexion — Twinn Connexion 1968 (USA, Psychedelic Pop/Sunshine Pop)

Исполнитель: Twinn Connexion
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Twinn Connexion
Год выхода: 1968
Жанр: Psychedelic Pop/Sunshine Pop
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 107.3 МB

Twinn Connexion was the moniker adopted by a pair of identical twins from Helena, MT — James E. «Jay» Hopkins and his brother Jerry Hopkins. They had been singing together since grade school, and by the time they were in high school they already had their own TV show in the local Helena area. After performing statewide to much success, they eventually migrated to New York City where they were discovered singing in a Greenwich Village coffeehouse by a Decca Records exec. The twins were signed to the label and assigned to work with producer Jerry Keller (who had a hit of his own in 1959 with «Here Comes Summer»). Keller and longtime producing/writing associate Dave Blume wrote songs for the duo, which were recorded with backing from various members of the New York-based Carolyn Hester Coalition (sans Carolyn Hester). The twins appeared side by side on the cover of their self-titled album’s release, wearing matching yellow and white textured Nehru suits, with green ascots and tiepins with the symbol «2x» (as this was 1968, it was perfectly acceptable to appear in public this way). The entire album — a psychedelic soft pop treat with fantastic arrangements, and mildly experimental touches, like electric sitar and harpsichord — is as good as anything similar from this same era. Jay Hopkins passed away on September 6, 2001, at age 60, in Manhattan, NY, of heart failure. From the early ’70s to the time of his death, he worked as a metals trader for various companies including Prudential and Merrill Lynch, where he was a vice president. His brother Jerry Hopkins is still living in New York.

01. Sixth Avenue Stroll — 2:50
02. I Think I’ll Just Go And Find Me A Flower — 2:39
03. I Think I Know Him — 2:50
04. Dilemma — 2:23
05. Turn Down Day — 2:40
06. The Music Turns Me On — 2:59
07. Foolin’ Around — 2:36
08. Wind Me Up And I Dance — 2:59
09. Summer Sadness — 3:06
10. Young And Free — 2:27
11. Oh What A Lovely Day — 2:51
Bonuses (Previously Unreleased):
12. The Silent Parade — 3:21
13. Think I Will — 3:00
14. Mary — 2:48
15. Run Out To Meet Myself — 2:46

Jay Hopkins — vocals
Jerry Hopkins — vocals
Charley Macey, Jay Berliner, Steve Wolfe — guitar
Joe Mack — bass
Frank Owens — piano, harpsichord
Dave Blume — organ, vibes, arrangements
Skeeter Camera — percussion
Bill La Vorgna, Buddy Saltzman — drums
Jerry Keller — producer


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