The Wings – Kissing You So Hard 1974 (Nigeria, Funk/Psychedelic Rock)

Исполнитель: The Wings
Откуда: Nigeria
Альбом: Kissing You So Hard
Год выхода: 1974
Жанр: Funk/Psychedelic Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320 (Vinyl Rip)
Размер архива: 82.7 МB

The Wings were a rock band from eastern Nigeria and early pioneers of afrobeat, which was heavily influenced by the western funk movement of the late 60s. Led by charismatic frontman Emeka Jonathan Udensi, better known by his nickname Spud Nathan, The Wings became hugely popular throughout Nigeria, releasing many successful 7″ singles on the HMV label and performing regularly. Sadly, right at the height of their fame in 1974, and shortly after the release of their first LP Kissing You So Hard, singer Spud Nathan and lead guitarist Okey Uwakwe were killed in a car accident on one of eastern Nigeria’s most dangerous bridges, with rhythm guitarist Manford Best receiving minor injuries. The trauma of this event resulted in the disintegration of The Wings (1970-1974) and ongoing bad blood between Best and Okpala. Following a two-year hiatus, two splinter groups emerged from the wreckage, both comprised of original members and claiming the namesake of their past band: The Original Wings International (or just The Original Wings) led by bassist Arinze Okpala, and Super Wings led by Manford Best. Both bands released seminal «comeback» LPs in 1976: Okpala’s OWI with Tribute to Spud Nathan (EMI Nigeria), and Best’s SW with Men of the People.

01. For You (Am The One) — 3:30
02. Lost Love — 3:35
03. But Why? — 3:41
04. Am In Love Again — 3:16
05. We’ll Get Home — 3:51
06. Single Boy — 3:57
07. Make Me Happy — 3:45
08. Odenigbo — 3:54
09. Kissing You So Hard — 3:30
10. Gone Wih The Sun — 2:38

Spud Nathan — lead vocals
Okey Uwakwe — lead guitar
Manford Best — rhythm guitar, vocals
Arinze Okpala — bass
Emma Dabro — percussion, congas
Dandy Aduba — percussion
Joel Madubuike — drums
Chris Nwaiga, Pal Akalonu — producers


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