The Showmen — The Showmen 1969 (Italy, Rhythm & Blues/Soul)

Исполнитель: The Showmen
Откуда: Italy
Альбом: The Showmen
Год выхода: 1969
Жанр: Rhythm & Blues/Soul
Формат: MP3 CBR 192 (Vinyl Rip)
Размер архива: 47.8 МB

The Showmen were an Italian soul/pop/R&B group from Naples. The band was co-founded by bassist/singer Mario Musella and sax player James Senese in 1966, rounded out by Luciano Maglioccola on keyboards, Franco Del Prete on drums, Elio D’Anna on tenor and baritone saxophone and flute, and Giuseppe Botta on guitar. Their first single, 1968’s «Un’ora sola ti vorrei», won the «Newcomer» award at Cantagiro, an Italian music competition. The original group split at the turn of the 70’s, with Musella embarking on a solo career (Musella died in 1979), and Elio D’Anna going on to form the band Osanna. After a short time James Senese and Franco Del Prete, aided by the guitarist Giuseppe Botta (now on bass), reformed the group Showmen 2 with a new line-up and sound influenced by Italian rock.

01. Un’Ora Sola Ti Vorrei — 2:58
02. Credi, Credi, Credi In Me — 2:34
03. Di Questro Amore Non Parlo Mai — 2:35
04. Voglio Restare Solo — 2:24
05. Allora Decidi Ora — 2:15
06. Get It — 3:33
07. Gloria, Ricchezza E Te — 3:07
08. Piece Of My Heart — 2:32
09. Let Yourself Go — 2:09
10. Non Si Può Leggere Nel Cuore — 3:03
11. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag — 3:21
12. Basta Che Mi Vuoi — 3:45

James Senese — vocals, tenor & baritone saxophone, flute, percussion
Giuseppe Botta — guitar
Mario Musella — bass, vocals
Luciano Maglioccola — keyboards
Elio D’Anna — tenor & baritone saxophone, flute
Franco Del Prete — drums, percussion
Vito Tommaso — arranger, producer


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