The Parade – Sunshine Girl: The Complete Recordings 2008 (USA, Sunshine Pop)

Исполнитель: The Parade
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Sunshine Girl: The Complete Recordings
Год выхода: 2008 (recorded in 1967-1968)
Жанр: Sunshine Pop
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 124.6 МB

The Parade was an American sunshine pop group from Los Angeles, California. The group featured Jerry Riopelle, who played keyboards on several Phil Spector-produced records; Murray MacLeod, an actor who appeared on Hawaii Five-O and Kung Fu; and Allen «Smokey» Roberds, another actor. They wrote a song called «Sunshine Girl» which was picked up by A&M Records, and in 1967 the tune hit #20 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart. Among the session musicians on this recording were drummer Hal Blaine, bassist Carol Kaye, and saxophonist Steve Douglas. Stuart Margolin, later to gain fame as an actor, co-wrote the B-side with members of the band; Margolin would end up co-writing many of the band’s songs (usually with Riopelle), as well as playing percussion on some tracks. The Parade’s next two singles, «She’s Got the Magic» and «Frog Prince», both failed to chart. 1968’s «Radio Song» bubbled under the Hot 100 at #127, but the group broke up after two further singles — «She Sleeps Alone» and «Hallelujah Rocket» — were unsuccessful. Riopelle signed to Capitol Records as a solo artist, and Macleod and Roberds signed with Epic Records as the duo Ian & Murray. Roberds also later performed under the name Freddie Allen, and under this name recorded the very first released version of the tune «We’ve Only Just Begun,» which soon afterward became a hit for The Carpenters. In March 2008, Now Sounds/Cherry Red Records released a 23 song best-of compilation album, Sunshine Girl: The Complete Recordings. Compiled and annotated by Steve Stanley, the release featured singles, demos and alternate mixes, as well as a rare Roger Nichols Trio song «Montage Mirror,» for which Murray MacLeod was also lead singer, along with his sister Melinda.

01. Sunshine Girl — 2:43
02. She Sleeps Alone — 2:04
03. The Radio Song — 2:41
04. Lovers — 2:30
05. Kinda Wasted Without You — 2:08
06. Frog Prince — 2:26
07. Welcome, You’re In Love — 3:00
08. Hallelujah Rocket — 2:13
09. She’s Got The Magic — 2:30
10. A.C./D.C. — 2:51
11. Lullaby — 2:37
12. This Old Melody — 1:58
13. Laughin’ Lady — 2:27
14. I Can See Love — 2:28
Roger Nichols Trio
15. Montage Mirror — 2:10
The Parade
16. How Can I Thank You (Demo) — 2:06
17. Love Is There (Demo) — 2:10
Smokey Roberds
18. Love Is The People’s Choice — 2:24
The Parade
19. Frog Prince (Alternate Mix) — 2:38
20. She Sleeps Alone (Demo) — 2:15
21. Kinda Wasted Without You (Mono) — 2:07
22. Sunshine Girl (Mono 45 Version) — 2:43
Connie Austin
23. One More Time — 2:48

Murray MacLeod — vocals. guitar, percussion, arranger, producer (20, 23)
Allen »Smokey» Roberds — vocals, guitar, percussion, arranger, producer (20, 23)
Jerry Riopelle — vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, arranger, producer (01-14, 19, 21, 22)
Larry Zempel, Mike Deasy — guitar
Ray Pohlman — guitar, bass
Jim Messina — guitar, engineer
Jimmy Bond — bass
Emil Richards — bass, marimba
Larry Knechtel, Victor Feldman — keyboards
Leon Russell — keyboards, arranger
Jim Horn, Steve Douglas — saxophone
Chuck Findley, Tony Nerran — trumpet
Gene Cipriano — flute
Stuart Margolin — percussion
Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer — drums
Jim Prigmore, Nick De Caro — arrangers
David Gates — producer (18)


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