The Ministry Of Sound ‎– Men From The Ministry / Midsummer Nights Dreaming 2005 (UK, Psychedelic/Pop Rock)

Исполнитель: The Ministry Of Sound
Откуда: England
Альбом: Men From The Ministry / Midsummer Nights Dreaming
Год выхода: 2005 (recorded in 1966-1968)
Жанр: Psychedelic/Pop Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 342.1 МB

The Ministry of Sound issued just one 1966 single while they were active. But they recorded several albums’ worth of material within the space of about a couple of years, eventually bringing them to the notice of those who collect the small British school of ’60s sunshine pop. Too, their history was quite complicated considering their small discography, as they were a studio outfit whose personnel included noted songwriter John Carter, although Carter was not the dominant member. The core of the Ministry of Sound was the duo of singer/songwriters Robin Shaw and Micky Keen, who had first performed together back in the late ’50s in Mick Everly & the Prophets. By the mid-’60s they were part of the house band of Southern Music Studios, and signed to Carter’s publishing company as songwriters. They also recorded often at Southern Music Studios as Ministry of Sound, with Carter pitching in with songwriting, guitar, and some lead vocals. Songwriter Russ Alquist also sang lead on some tracks, as well as making some contributions as a writer, with Robin Shaw handling some of the lead vocal duties as well. Top British session drummer Clem Cattini and keyboardist Barry Kingston also recorded with them. At least several dozen songs were recorded by the aggregation between 1966 and 1968, but the only two that found release were issued on the 1966 Decca single «White Collar Worker»/»Back Seat Driver.» In common with much of the material with which the prolific John Carter was associated in the mid- to late ’60s (with groups such as the Flower Pot Men and the Ivy League), it gave a British spin to the harmony sunshine pop of groups like the Beach Boys, the Turtles, the Association, and the Tokens, perhaps with a bit of the Four Seasons and Motown thrown in. Some of it also drew from psychedelia in the sophisticated production, use of then-advanced instrumentation such as the Mellotron, songs that explored British characters and situations, and lightly trippy lyrics. It wasn’t as good as their most obvious influences, but it was very smoothly recorded and sung, with pleasant if not indelible tunesmithery. Although some of the songs they recorded were covered by British pop group Amen Corner and Australian singer Normie Rowe, the Ministry of Sound didn’t get the chance to release any more records while they were active. They came to an end when Robin Shaw joined the touring version of the Flower Pot Men, with Keen, Carter, and Cattini continuing to focus on studio work. In 2005, 35 of the tracks they recorded between 1966 and 1968 were issued on the two-CD set Midsummer Nights Dreaming/Men from the Ministry, most of them previously unreleased, though it did include both sides of their 1966 single. (

CD 1
Men From The Ministry
01. Mary Mary — 2:32
02. Someone Like You — 2:24
03. I’m Coming Home — 3:14
04. Something Very Good — 2:25
05. Goodbye To Rosalie — 2:31
06. Sunday In The Park — 3:39
07. Hey Girl (No Need To Push) — 2:47
08. Something You’ve Got — 3:01
09. Ooh La La — 2:31
10. I Couldn’t Spend Another Day — 2:35
11. Three In The Morning — 2:11
12. Angels Get Out Of Bed — 2:44
13. Big Top Heart — 2:35
14. Get Outta My Way — 2:13
15. Love Equals Love — 2:45
16. Memory — 1:55
17. Turn Around — 3:47
CD 2
Midsummer Nights Dreaming
01. White Collar Worker — 3:20
02. Throw The Thing Away — 1:38
03. Back Seat Driver — 2:23
04. Rain Rain Rain — 2:35
05. In The Sky — 2:23
06. Sequin Sally — 3:25
07. Laughing Man — 3:23
08. Going Round And Round — 3:36
09. Time And Motion Man — 2:39
10. Little Ray Of Sunshine — 3:03
11. Magic People — 2:04
12. Midsummer Dreaming — 2:44
13. Life Is Living — 3:06
14. Marjorie Morningstar — 1:58
15. Roberto Billow — 3:09
16. Mr. Light — 2:30
17. When I Was Born — 2:52
18. Rain Rain Rain (Alternative Version) — 2:43

Russ Alquist — lead vocals
John Carter — acoustic guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals, producer
Robin Shaw — lead vocals, bass, backing vocals, producer
Mickey Keen — electric guitar, backing vocals, producer
Clem Cattini — drums


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