The Killers – Good Bye 2005 (Uruguay, Psychedelic Rock)

Исполнитель: The Killers
Откуда: Uruguay
Альбом: Good Bye
Год выхода: 2005 (recorded in 1970-1972)
Жанр: Psychedelic Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 149.7 МB

High-class citizens of Montevideo, Uruguay, Los Killers had two extremely valuable advantages as part of the limited local rock scene. First, they could afford expensive hi-tech gear. Second, they owned a vast record collection full of recent foreign editions, the ideal way to find hit covers for their shows. Their first single, released through the Clave label, included a cover of the main theme from the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Their second single was a cover of Bloodrock, something absolutely unusual at that time. Their only album, Goodbye, represents a turn of their musical politics of playing mainly covers, since it only included two. The original songs, nevertheless, are very well composed, arranged and performed. Marcelo Berro is particularly good on guitar as well as lead vocals, he sounds like whichever Batteau brother (Robin or David) does the lead singing on their self titled album, Batteaux with a touch of Stephen Stills. The best songs are After Nothing and Sing Along, with extensive guitar solos. Their sound is melodic rock based, tight and tasty arrangements, above average originals, with a solid performance. Like so many other bands of that time, the military coup of 1973 put their career to an end. They moved to Spain where they continued working for some years. Their charismatic drummer, Romancho Berro, returned to Uruguay by the middle of the 80s to become manager and promoter.

01. Good Bye — 4:20
02. Forever — 3:24
03. Born To Wonder — 3:45
04. Wondering How — 2:57
05. After Nothing — 3:58
06. Sing A Long — 3:57
07. Reflections — 3:30
08. Love The One You’re With — 3:37
09. I’ll Get Used To It — 4:26
10. Looking For A Change — 4:09
11. Superstar (Single A-Side, 1970) — 3:37
12. White Room (Single B-Side, 1970) — 3:06
13. Woodstock (Tema del Compilado 10° Aniversario de Discodromo, 1971) — 3:32
14. Love The One You’re With (Single A-Side, 1972) — 3:10
15. Breach Of Lease (Single B-Side, 1972) — 7:24

Marcelo Berro — lead vocals, guitar
Julio Martínez — bass, backing vocals
Roberto Levy — guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Romancho Berro — drums, backing vocals
Virginia Berro Villegas — female backing vocals
Inés Berro Villegas — female backing vocals


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