The Blend — Anytime Delight 1979 (USA, Southern/Pop Rock)

Исполнитель: The Blend
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Anytime Delight
Год выхода: 1979
Жанр: Southern/Pop Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320 (Vinyl Rip)
Размер архива: 96 МB

The group was fronted by Jim «J.D.» Drown, born in Biddeford, Maine in 1947. While stationed in Korea, he entertained the troops with his musical talents. In 1973, while living in New Hampshire, JD started The White Mountain National Blend with four of his good friends, Skip Smith, Donnie Pomber, Ken Holt and Steve Dore. (The name was shortened to The Blend a few years later.) The Blend was the first band to play the Portland Civic Center, as the opening act for ZZ Top. They were one of Maine’s most successful groups, landing a contract with MCA Records for two albums. Drown died at the age of 55 in December, 2002. An annual «Tribute to J.D.» event is held in Kennebunk to raise money for local scholarships.

01. Feel Like I’m Crazy — 3:39
02. Money — 4:59
03. Anytime Delight — 3:02
04. I’m Not Losin’ — 3:12
05. Sky High — 4:11
06. Misty Blue — 3:52
07. She Can Take Me — 3:14
08. Will You Be Mine — 3:08
09. For Crying Out Loud — 1:52
10. The Prize — 6:55

Jim «J.D.» Drown — guitar, vocals
Don «D.P.» Pomber — keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
Steve Dore — guitar, piano, vocals
Ken Holt — bass, vocals
Skip Smith — drums, vocals
Ed Mashal — producer, engineer


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