Terry Dolan — Terry Dolan 2016 (USA, Psychedelic/Country Rock)

Исполнитель: Terry Dolan
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Terry Dolan
Год выхода: 2016 (recorded in 1972)
Жанр: Psychedelic/Country Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 170 MB

Terry Dolan recorded an incredible debut album in 1972, with an an all star cast – Nicky Hopkins (The Rolling Stones, The Kinks), John Cipollina (Quicksilver Messenger Service), Lonnie Turner (The Steve Miller Band) and Neal Schon (Santana, Journey). Each side of the LP was helmed by a legendary UK musician – Nick Hopkins (side A) and Pete Sears (B) ensuring world class production to Terry’s outstanding songs. It was a heaven made marriage of classic songwriting and the best players of the San Fran rock scene. With support from a major label, Warner Brothers, a new star was born. Or so it should have been. Just two months before release, Warners pulled the plug, left the recordings in the vault and dropped Dolan. Until now. High Moon Records are releasing this superb album, plus 6 bonus tracks of outtakes on deluxe CD package and vinyl.

01. See What Your Love Can Do — 3:20
02. Angie — 5:33
03. Rainbow — 5:01
04. Inlaws And Outlaws — 5:21
05. Purple An Blonde…? — 4:54
06. Burgundy Blues — 5:36
07. Magnolia — 7:26
08. To Be For You — 1:16
09. Inlaws And Outlaws (Take 18) — 6:08
10. See What Your Love Can Do (Take 14) — 3:21
11. Angie (Take 12) — 5:22
12. Rainbow (Take 2) — 6:13
13. See What Your Love Can Do (Take 12) — 3:24
14. Inlaws And Outlaws (Dirt Leg Mix) — 6:08

Terry Dolan — guitar, vocals
John Cipollina — guitar, slide guitar
Angie Dolan — handclapping
Greg Douglass — guitar, soloist
Spencer Dryden — percussion
Mic Gillette — french horn
Nicky Hopkins — arranger, piano
Kathi McDonald — vocals
The Pointer Sisters — vocals
Prairie Prince — drums
Neal Schon — guitar, soloist
Pete Sears — bass, guitar, keyboards, piano
Lonnie Turner — bass, wind chimes
David Weber — drums
Dallas Williams — vocals



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9 months ago


5 years ago

Не понятно , как смог привлечь столько известных музыкантов и как всё это кануло в Лету на долгие годы . Warner Brothers похоронили замечательного музыканта …. Очень понравилось . Спасибо .

5 years ago

Absolutely fantastic!

Thank you!