Society’s Children – Mister Genie Man 2023 (USA, Garage/Psychedelic Rock)

Исполнитель: Society’s Children
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Mister Genie Man
Год выхода: 2023 (recorded in 1968-1974)
Жанр: Garage/Psychedelic Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 95.3 МB

Society’s Children were formed in 1968 by Patrick and Doreen Sassone, a mother and son duo from Lansing, Illinois. Doreen was the lead vocalist. Patrick played guitar and keyboard, while also writing the original material. Shortly after forming the group, they had an opportunity to record for a small independent label. On December 13th 1968 they recorded the songs «Mister Genie Man» and «Slipping Away», along with four other tracks, at the Columbia Studios in Chicago. The record was well played on regional radio stations. Through the years many other songs were written, recorded, but never released. During this period «Listen» and «I Don’t Wanna See Tomorrow» were recorded at Palos Studios. Along the way, Patrick and Doreen had the opportunity to meet the great Curtis Mayfield of «Superfly»-fame, Phil and Leonard Chess (founders of Chess Records), and the Buckinghams who had many national hits in the United States. Society’s Children performed at numerous nightclubs, dances and parties until they disbanded in 1977. Patrick continues to write and record to this day. Sadly, Doreen passed away in 2017. She loved singing and always cherished those early days of Society’s Children.

01. Can It Be — 2:17
02. People, People — 3:14
03. Mister Genie Man — 2:33
04. Darkness — 3:06
05. Love Hour — 2:24
06. I Don’t Wanna See Tomorrow — 2:19
07. Help — 3:00
08. Slippin’ Away — 2:23
09. Velvet, Love, And Lace — 3:04
10. Bells Of St. Peter’s Square — 2:23
11. I Am A Minstrel — 2:55
12. Goodbye Baby — 4:00
13. Listen — 2:38
14. Light Of My Garden — 3:13
15. Wanna Gotta — 2:21

Doreen Sassone — lead vocals
Patrick Sassone — electric guitar, organ, backing vocals
John Kolada — bass
Fred Sudlow — drums

Patrick Sassone & Doreen Sassone


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Иван Петре
Иван Петре
02.07.2024 16:26

Спасибо огромное!