Ritchie Francis – Song Bird 1972 (UK, Folk Rock/Baroque Pop)

Исполнитель: Ritchie Francis
Откуда: Wales
Альбом: Song Bird
Год выхода: 1972
Жанр: Folk Rock/Baroque Pop
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 156.6 МB

In the early 1960s, he was active in the local R & B group The Renegades in Neath, South Wales. He soon joined the group The Mustangs in his hometown and changed the group name to Eyes Of Blue in October 1964. He gained local popularity and made his single debut in 1966 with a contract with Decca. In 1968, he won the contest sponsored by Melody Maker magazine and signed a new contract with Mercury, released two psychedelic contemporary albums, and played an active role as a central figure. In 1970, the group produced an album under the name of Big Sleep, but soon disbanded. In 1971, he also worked with the members of Big Sleep at Pete Brown & Piblokto!. After the group was disbanded, he turned solo and released the only album «Song Bird» from Pegasus. With the same Lou Reizner as the Eyes Of Blue era as the producer, it was produced in collaboration with Wil Malone of Orange Bicycle and fellow Taff Williams of the Eyes Of Blue era, and was highly acclaimed as a fine work of the SSW album later.

01. Song Bird — 7:05
02. Dizzy Sycamore — 4:53
03. I’m Not Alone — 4:40
04. It Will Last — 4:18
05. My Music — 1:49
06. Don’t You Ask Me Why — 5:03
07. There’s A Time — 8:04
08. Yet To Come — 6:08
09. Friends — 4:02
10. You’re Never Gonna Make It — 4:22
11. To Follow You — 3:26
12. Crossroads Of Time (from LP «Crossroads Of Time», 1968) — 4:53
13. Largo (from LP «Crossroads Of Time», 1968) — 3:14
14. Yesterday (from LP «Crossroads Of Time», 1968) — 4:22
15. Little Bird (from LP «In Fields Of Ardath», 1969) — 2:32

Personnel (Original Album):
Ritchie Francis — vocals, piano, composer, arranger
Jim Sullivan, Taff Williams — guitar
John Rostill, Paul Curtis — bass
Barry Morgan, Mike Kelli — drums
Will Malone — drums, conductor
Lou Reizner — producer


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