Orchestra Luna — Orchestra Luna 1975 (USA, Art/Progressive/Pop Rock)

Исполнитель: Orchestra Luna
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Orchestra Luna
Год выхода: 1975
Жанр: Art/Progressive/Pop Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 123 МB


Rick Berlin graduated from Yale University, where he was a member of the Whiffenpoofs (second tenor, 1966-67), in 1967. After several years of performing, both musically and dramatically, he formed Orchestra Luna in Boston in 1973. Epic Records signed the band to a record deal in 1974 and their eponymous album was released late that year.

After Epic dropped Orchestra Luna from its label in 1975, the band quickly broke up. Rick reformed the band in 1976 with original members Peter Barrett, Liz Gallagher, and Richard Kinscherf and several new members. In late 1977 or early 1978, the band dissolved again. Rick then formed a third band called simply…Luna. In spring of 1980, Luna also broke up.

According to his autobiographical information at his website, Richard changed his last name to Berlin shortly after forming Luna in 1978. He says, «No one can spell Kinscherf.»

In 1981, he formed a new band, Berlin Airlift, which included Rick, keyboardist and vocalist Jane Balmond, guitarist Steve Perry, bassist Chet Cahill, and percussionist Joe Petruzzelli. They released a single that got significant local airplay in Boston. Berlin Airlift was signed to Handshake Records in 1982 and the group released its debut album, Berlin Airlift later that year. (Sources state that Glen Moran played drums on the album instead of Petruzzelli.) The album received great reviews. (The last track on the album, «I Hate Everything But You,» would later be recycled into the title and lead track of the recently-released The Shelley Winters Project album.) Several weeks later, Handshake went bankrupt. After releasing a six-track EP, Professionally Damaged, in 1983, Berlin Airlift dissolved in 1984.

From 1985 through 1989, Rick’s new band, Rick Berlin — The Movie, released several singles, including «Rock n Roll Romance.» During this period, Rick also wrote at least two screenplays.

In 1990, he formed Rome Is Burning, which lasted less than a year. Rick then started a solo career and was soon performing at local clubs to enthusiastic audiences. He recorded solo performances at Jacques in 1996 and released a 16-track solo album, Live at Jacques (The Orchard Records), in April, 2000. During this period, he was also a semi-regular on a radio interview show, was prominent in civic affairs, and committed to social activism.

In 1999, he again went the group route, forming The Shelley Winters Project. The group released their first EP, The Shelley Winters Project (The Orchard Records), in May, 2001. They released their first complete album, I Hate Everything But You (Windjam Records WJ20210), in April, 2003.

In 2007, Rick contributed liner notes for the market Square CD reissue of «Orchestra Luna»and provided some fascinating insight and memories about the band.

Rick remains active both as a solo performer and with a number of groups, performing on a regular basis in Boston and other New England venues. Check out his website for more information about his schedule, his newly released material, and his thoughts on life. He also has some great photos from different stages of his career.

The majority of this information came from Rick’s website. Additional information came from the NEMSbook, published interviews with Rick, and reviews of his (groups’) albums. Rick has written a very detailed summary of his career that is available for download as a PDF file here. Any errors in putting together the information came from me and from me only.


01. Were You Dancin’ On Paper — 3:34
02. Miss Pamela — 3:17
03. Little Sam — 3:12
04. Heart — 5:54
05. Love Is Not Enough — 6:25
06. Boy Scouts — 2:24
07. Fay Wray — 4:18
08. But One — 3:02
09. Doris Dreams — 11:53

Lisa Kinscherf — female vocals
Liz Gallagher — female vocals
Peter Barrett — vocals, narrator
Randy Roos — guitar
Scott Chambers — bass, vocals
Richard Kinscherf — keyboards, vocals
Don Mulvaney — drums, percussion, vocals
Jeffrey Lesser, Rupert Holmes — producers


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