Moto Perpétuo — Moto Perpétuo 1974 (Brazil, Latin/Progressive Rock)

Исполнитель: Moto Perpétuo
Откуда: Brazil
Альбом: Moto Perpétuo
Год выхода: 1974
Жанр: Latin/Progressive Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 90 MB

Brazilian band of the 70s, the Moto Perpetuo includes in its lineup former Bando Burani and future pop star Guilherme Arantes. There is some controversy about the discography of the group: only one LP (the 1974) is known to the public, but some (Dolabella as in his «ABZ of Brazilian Rock LPs suggest two more: one in 1969 and another in 1971 by Continental). The group, after 1974, seems to have gone too far. Despite a visit to the Earl of «Our Daily Sound» and the beginning of the solo career of Arantes in 1976 with an eponymous EP for Som Livre, a core of Perpetual Motion would remain cohesive, launching in 1981 a little known album that many call «the second disc of the Moto Perpetuo». Signed LP as Lucci — Marsol — Tatini — Burani, ie, three former members and a new, Marsol, we «are Quixote,» an album that sits between the MPB and the progressive (the excellent first track, is pure Moto Perpetuo).

01. Mal O Sol — 2:48
02. Conto Contigo — 2:54
03. Verde Vertente — 3:16
04. Matinal — 4:32
05. Tres E Eu — 5:18
06. Não Reclamo Da Chuva — 2:30
07. Duas — 2:16
08. Sobe — 3:17
09. Seguir Viagem — 1:38
10. Os Jardins — 3:00
11. Turba — 6:04

Claudio Lucci — acoustic guitar, cello, electric guitar, vocals
Egydio Conde — lead guitar, vocals
Gerson Tatini — bass, vocals
Guilherme Arantes — keyboards, vocals
Diógenes Burani — percussion, vocals
Pena Schmidt — producer


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