Missus Beastly — Missus Beastly 1970 (Germany, Krautrock/Psychedelic/Jazz Rock)

Исполнитель: Missus Beastly
Откуда: Germany
Альбом: Missus Beastly
Год выхода: 1970
Жанр: Krautrock/Psychedelic/Jazz Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 87.9 МB

Formed circa 1968 in Herford (south-west from Hannover), the history of Missus Beastly is confused in the extreme! Apparently the reason for such confusion is three-fold: because of their manager, constant line-up changes, and that being born in the psychedelic era they were obviously all pretty spaced! The original band were amongst the most underground and psychedelic of German bands, though less so than CPM label mates Checkpoint Charlie. Like a darker more experimental Out Of Focus, with the accent on psychedelic blues and jazz, with a really groovy Dauner like piece included, and lots of surprises, their 1969 debut was amazing for its variety and invention. Whilst in the doldrums for a while, as numerous people passed through the Missus Beastly ranks, including Roman Bunka who went on to Embryo, it took until 1974 for the band to get together properly and record a new album. In the meantime, however, not only had their one-time manager Henry Fromm bootlegged their debut, he’d gone on to release other albums marketed as Missus Beastly (see Electric Bird entry for more on this). The original Missus Beastly, in the meantime, had changed considerably, becoming an instrumental jazz-rock group typical of the mid-1970’s scene which was largely focused on Munich, with a style that featured more jamming, a livelier side-step from Passport, or a more groove-oriented twist on Embryo. Partly, this was down to Norbert Domling, who had a very strong bass style that locked the music together. He later went on to Toto Blanke’s Electric Circus, and was replaced by the smoother styled Locko Richter (who later went to Aera). But, talking of Embryo, Missus Beastly’s history here becomes totally entwined with them, and the birth of a number of other Schneeball label bands (i.e. Jurgen Benz went to Munju), with later albums being very close to the Embryo sound. The late-1970’s were hard times, however, and it took two years after its recording to get SPACE GUERILLA released, at which time the band had yet another new drummer and bassist, and in fact split soon after. Throughout their history, it must be said that Missus Beastly were always a constantly inventive band, drawing in many influences and reshaping them into their own style. Fans of jazzy and bluesy Krautrock should find all their albums of interest.

01. XOX — 1:24
02. Uncle Sam — 5:37
03. Shame On You — 8:55
04. Decision — 2:53
05. Chinese Love Song — 0:59
06. Mean Woman — 7:56
07. Aphrodisiakum — 8:56

Atzen Wehmeyer — guitar, vocals
Wolfgang Nickel — keyboards
Petja Hofman — bass, vocals
Lutz Oldemeier — drums, percussion


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