Miki Curtis & Samurai — Samurai 1970 (Japan, Psychedelic/Progressive Rock)

Исполнитель: Miki Curtis & Samurai
Откуда: Japan
Альбом: Samurai
Год выхода: 1970
Жанр: Psychedelic/Progressive Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 78 МB

Miki Curtis was born of English parents in Tokyo, Japan in 1938. After the end of The World War II he lived by singing in the Occupation Forces or Camps, and as a result he was approved as a rockabilly singer. Although he had been an active pop singer and a frontman of two chorus-pop outfits named ‘City Crows’ and ‘Vanguards’ in mid 60s, he was awakened to rock suddenly and finally formed «Samurai» in 1967. During the first two years «Samurai» made a lot of gigs and released two albums — «Tenor Sax Of Love» (1968; as The Samurais) and «Samurai» (1970) — in Europe. In early 1969 their soundscape was completely shifted to progressive rock, and we can easily realize the fact especially in their eponymous album. Soon after that they came back to Japan and released «Kappa» (1971), which has been appreciated as a masterpiece of Heavy Progressive Rock in Japan. Mickey’s said «There is no way for childish bands in Japanese rock scene. We need to produce our originality to raise the level of Japanese Rock higher than of Western nation as soon as possible.» After «Samurai» disbanded, Mickey released «Mimi» (1972) as a solo artist and has been active as a pop & country singer or a TV actor in Japan.

01. Green Tea — 5:35
02. Eagle’s Eye — 5:49
03. Boy With A Gun — 5:06
04. 18th Century — 1:03
05. Four Seasons — 9:52
06. Mandalay — 6:23
07. Daffy Drake — 2:48

Miki Curtis — vocals, flute, producer
Joe Dunnet — guitar
Hiro Izumi — guitar, koto
John Redfern — organ
Tetsu Yamauchi — bass
Mike Walker — vocals, piano, producer
Graham Smith — mouth harp
Yuji Harada — drums


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juan manuel muñoz valdivia
juan manuel muñoz valdivia
12.10.2022 19:34

Muchísimas gracias, amigo. Saludos.