Manduka — Manduka 1972 (Brazil, Latin/Progressive Folk)

Исполнитель: Manduka
Откуда: Brazil
Альбом: Manduka
Год выхода: 1972
Жанр: Latin/Progressive Folk
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 94.1 МB

During his lifetime, Brazilian singer-songwriter Manduka was something of a globetrotter, spending periods of time living in Argentina and Europe as well as his native Brazil. In 1972, when this brilliant debut album was first issued, he was based in Chile. Not that the set boasted much of a Chilean music influence: instead, it saw Manduka lay down a set of samba-influenced folk songs whose minimalist acoustic elements (lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals) came doused in dream pop style reverb and delay. Naturally, original copies are extremely hard to find (not to mention prohibitively expensive on the second-hand market), making this reissue more than welcome. It remains a brilliant album and arguably Manduka’s strongest work.

01. Brasil 1500 — 10:35
02. Entra Y Sale — 5:48
03. Naranjita — 5:08
04. De La Tierra — 4:21
05. Patria Amada Idolatrada Salve Salve — 4:56
06. Oiticumana — 2:05
07. De Un Extranjero — 4:50
08. Qué Dirá El Santo Padre — 4:46

Manduka (Alexandre Manuel Thiago De Mello) — lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Baltasar Villaseca — acoustic guitar
Patricio Castillo — flute, charango
Julio Numhauser — harmonica
Eduardo Parra — bongos
Gabriel Parra — congas
Soledad Bravo — additional female vocals


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