Los Mockers — Complete Recordings 2003 (Uruguay, Beat/Garage Rock)

Исполнитель: Los Mockers
Откуда: Uruguay
Альбом: Complete Recordings
Год выхода: 2003 (recorded in 1965-1967)
Жанр: Beat/Garage Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 99.1 МB

Los Mockers were a popular 1960s rock band in Latin America that was part of the Uruguayan Invasion. They were heavily influenced by Rolling Stones and covered many of their songs (in English). The band was formed in 1963 on Montevideo, Uruguay but moved to Argentina in 1966 after winning a contract with EMI Argentina. The original lineup disbanded in 1967. They briefly re-united in 2006. The band formed in 1963. They were originally called The Notorious before being renamed The Mockers. In 1966, they won a recording contract with EMI of Argentina, so they recorded their first single in April, and in September, recorded «I want to go» and «Baby Mine», which were not included in the LP that would be published later. A month later they released their next single, entitled «Empty Harem» / «Let me try again.» Their third single, «Captain Grey» / «Confusion» was released in mid- 1967, to boost sales of the album. Although keyboardist Stephen Hirshfield, had already left the training, he traveled from Montevideo to participate in the recording. The original lineup would disbanded in 1967. They returned to Buenos Aires, for a series of programs on Channel 9 . The record company proposed to re-record them on condition that change their original name and the refusal of the quartet stayed if no contract. With little work and economic problems, internal conflicts among its members. Vocalist Polo Pereira, left from the group and quickly replaced by pianist and singer Carlos Franzeti. On September 23 of 2006, forty years of the first recordings of the band; Mockers met in Valencia (Spain), to realize presentations as a souvenir, with all their original members, except Freigeda Beto, who died in a traffic accident early in 1972 in Montevideo. Over the years there were several edited collections of whole discography of Los Mockers. Among them: The Original Recordings 1965-1967 and Complete Recordings.

01. What A Life — 2:38
02. Let Me Try Again — 1:55
03. Don’t Go Again — 2:06
04. Show Me The Way — 1:41
05. Tell Me Something New — 1:50
06. Empty Harem — 1:57
07. My Baby — 2:28
08. I Wanna Go — 2:19
09. It Was Me — 2:19
10. Girl You Won’t Succeed — 2:07
11. Make Up Your Mind — 2:22
12. You Got It — 1:48
13. Can’t Be A Lie — 2:16
14. All The Time — 2:27
15. Sad — 2:20
16. Every Night — 2:13
17. Paint It Black — 2:30
18. Confusion — 2:58
19. Captain Grey — 2:45
20. I Wanna Make Love To You — 2:14

Polo Pereira — lead vocals, guitar
Jorge Fernández — guitar, vocals
Esteban Hirschfeld — organ, piano, harmonica, vocals
Julio Montero — bass, vocals
Beto Freigedo — drums, percussion


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Неожиданно! Незнакомо раньше! Интересно! История!

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Thank you very much