Los Dangers – Los Ases Del Sourf! 1964 (Venezuela, Beat/Surf)

Исполнитель: Los Dangers
Откуда: Venezuela
Альбом: Los Ases Del Sourf!
Год выхода: 1964
Жанр: Beat/Surf
Формат: MP3 CBR 320 (Vinyl Rip)
Размер архива: 69.1 МB

Band formed in 1963 by Rafael Peñalver (lead guitar), Pedro Perdomo (second guitar, voice), Adolfo Moya (bass), Francisco García (piano) and José Pérez Barreiro “Peque” (drums). With a style notably influenced by the beat genre and the so-called surf music, they make their first presentations at the Club de la Hermandad Gallega de Caracas. Adolfo Moya leaves the group and they become a quartet where Francisco García leaves the piano to take care of the bass. Through gigs in different locations in Caracas, especially in the Venezuelan American Center, the band became one of the main in the capital city. For 1964, the group has the incorporation of Rudy Márquez (voice). They win a contest on the television program Media Hora Sin Libros, interpreting the song Little sister popularized by Elvis Presley. New changes leave the group with one of its most important formations: Rudy Márquez (voice), Rafael Peñalver (lead guitar, voice), Mauro Toledo (second guitar, voice), Francisco García (bass) and José Pérez Barreiro “Peque” ( drums) and through the Velvet label, they edit the album Los Ases del Sourf (1965). After the recording of this album, Mauro Toledo left the group and Pedro Perdomo returned to take charge of the second guitar. With the album Para La Juventud (1966) the record cycle of one of the most important Venezuelan bands in the sixties and one of the pioneers of the rock movement in the country ends.

01. Felicitaciones — 2:50
02. Sourf Napolitano — 2:36
03. Vuelvete Beethoven — 2:28
04. Tierra Maravillosa — 2:13
05. Don’t Go Away — 3:13
06. Nivran — 2:56
07. Gonzalez — 1:58
08. I Saw Her Standing There — 2:33
09. Pipa De Paz — 2:20
10. Quiero Tomar Tu Mano — 2:18
11. Medianoche — 2:46
12. Tu Me Excitas — 2:12

Rudy Márquez — vocals
Rafael Peñalver — lead guitar
Mauro Toledo — guitar
Francisco García — bass
José «Peque» Pérez Barreiro — drums


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