Jon & Robin – Do It Again! The Best Of Jon & Robin 2006 (USA, Psychedelic Pop/Bubblegum)

Исполнитель: Jon & Robin
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Do It Again! The Best Of Jon & Robin
Год выхода: 2006 (recorded in 1965-1969)
Жанр: Psychedelic Pop/Bubblegum
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 109 МB

Mid-1960s duo who recorded for Dallas-based Abnak Records (founded by the namesake father of Jon Abdnor). Jon Abnor (who also doubled as a company point man) released several regional hit singles in 1963-64 but didn’t really hit it big nationally until hs father suggested he get a duet partner. Abnor was paired with singer Robin Beavers, but she quit before the recording sessions were to begin. She was replaced with Javonne Braga, who took on «Robin» as her stage name. The pair hit the Top 20 with «Do It Again A Little Bit Slower» in the spring of 1967. After a spate of follow-up singles that barely made the Billboard Hot 100 (but were regional best-sellers in Texas and the Southwest), the duo released solo singles before breaking up for good in 1969. Braga married Five Americans drummer Jimmy Wright in 1970 while Jon, defeated by various legal and personal issues, quit the music business.

01. Do It Again A Little Bit Slower — 2:32
02. Dr. Jon (The Medicine Man) — 2:07
03. You Got Style — 2:06
04. Drums — 2:45
05. Love Me Baby — 2:37
06. I Want Some More — 2:01
07. You Don’t Care — 2:35
08. Like I Know You Do — 2:16
09. We Watched Each Other Fall In Love — 1:56
10. Thursday Morning — 2:24
11. Truly, Truly, True — 2:16
12. My Heart Beats Faster (Previously Unissued) — 2:05
13. How Come — 2:29
14. Can’t Make It With You — 2:57
15. Lucille (Previously Unissued) — 2:14
16. Gift Of Love — 2:36
17. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It — 2:47
18. Walking In Different Circles (Previously Unissued) — 2:34

Jon Abdnor, Jr. — vocals
Javonne «Robin» Braga — female vocals
Bobby Rambo, Pete Molino — guitar
James Anderson, Jim Grant — bass
Jim Glaves, John Durrill — keyboards
Jimmy Wright, Rex Ludwick — drums
Dale Hawkins, Mike Rabon — producers


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