Jean Guérin — Tacet 1971 (France, Free Jazz/Experimental/Avantgarde)

Исполнитель: Jean Guérin
Откуда: France
Альбом: Tacet
Год выхода: 1971
Жанр: Free Jazz/Experimental/Avantgarde
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 106.2 МB

This is another strange avant jazz album originally put out by the Futura label in 1971. On top of the free jazz, Jean Guerin throws in electronics, and even uses electronic processing that at times blurs the identities of the instruments, as well as Francoise Archard’s high-pitched wordless singing. «Triptik 2» begins with some off-kilter sax and trumpet melody for a few minutes before the electronics kick in, pulsing rhythm, and squiggly bleeps, and even some high-pitched screeches that sound like an air-raid siren. Most of the album is a bit more subdued, with lots of droning noises to create ambient soundtracks that are disquieting. The steady repetition of water droplets becomes the rhythm on «Reflexion 2 et 1,» and there are other places on the album where water noises bubble and splash to the other instruments. On a few tracks with Achard’s vocals, Tacet sounds like some kind of surrealistic opera. Trying to compare this record to anything else is difficult because Guerin’s adventuresome music, mixing European free jazz and pre-digital electronics, is highly original and unique.

01. Triptik 2 — 5:44
02. Mixage Vert — 3:49
03. Maochat — 4:41
04. Ça Va Lecomte — 4:52
05. BM 37 — 1:58
06. Interminable Hommage À Zaza — 4:42
07. Reflexion 2 Et 1 — 5:06
08. Gaub 71 — 8:20

Jean Guérin — VCS 3, generator, electric bass, darbouka, drums, percussion
Jean Paul Rondepierre — trumpet
Bernard Vitet — water trumpet
Diéter Guévissler — double bass, violon
Françoise Achard — voice
Philippe Maté — tenor saxophone (01)


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