Flying Island – Flying Island 1975 (USA, Space-Age/Psychedelic/Jazz Rock)

Исполнитель: Flying Island
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Flying Island
Год выхода: 1975
Жанр: Space-Age/Psychedelic/Jazz Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 95.8 МB

Flying Island was a Connecticut based jazz-rock band led by violinist Faith Fraioli, keyboardist Jeff Bova and drummer Bill Bacon. The group released only two unfairly obscure records in the 70’s. Not much is known about their activities during the group’s short life. After the band dissolved, the three main members continued creating music. Bacon went on to become a part of Material, Curlew and New York Gong. Fraioli contributed to Fates Warning in the 80’s. Bova became a more known studio musician and record producer, working with many mainstream artists.

01. Funky Duck – 3:06
02. Even The Birds Wear Gas-Masks – 5:30
03. Priestess Of Fantasy – 3:19
04. Aerial Jester – 2:36
05. Eddie – 6:20
06. Cry To The Moon – 3:30
07. Time Bound Wizard – 4:07
08. The Flying Island – 3:16
09. The Aquilon Wave – 5:26
10. I Love To Dance – 6:36

Ray Smith – guitar
Thom Preli – bass
Jeff Bova – keyboards
Faith Fraioli – violin, flute
Bill Bacon – drums, percussion
Ray Armando – congas (01, 03)
Joe Farrell – soprano saxophone (05-07)
Ed Bland – producer

Jeff Bova


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