Evariste – Il Ne Pense Qu’à Ça (1967-1970) 2022 (France, Psychedelic/Pop Rock)

Исполнитель: Evariste
Откуда: France
Альбом: Il Ne Pense Qu’à Ça (1967-1970)
Год выхода: 2022
Жанр: Psychedelic/Pop Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 84.7 МB

Evariste, born 31 January 1943 in Montluel, Ain, is a French, independent (and heavily criticized) scientist and former singer, now living in Paris. His father was killed at Auschwitz (Poland) during WWII, and he was home-schooled by his mother and relatives. During his preparational studies in Lyon 1960-63, he wrote his first lyrics aged 16. In Lyon, he obtained his doctorate in theoretical physics (3rd cycle) at the University of Lyon, which led to further studies and a position as assistant professor in physics at Princeton, USA 1966-67. Back in France, he started writing songs under the pseudonym Evariste (a reference to the French mathematician Évariste Galois, 1811-32) and he got a recording deal with Disc’Az where he released a string of singles and EPs, among which Connais-tu L’animal Qui Inventa Le Calcul Intégral? became a novelty hit in 1966, with music written by Michel Colombier (later of Hollywood fame). In 1968-1970, he released 3 self-produced (some of the very first, French self-produced) singles and an EP, all with covers by the great Tunisian-French cartoonist Georges Wolinski, who was murdered outside the offices of Charlie Hebdo in 2015.

01. Connais Tu L’animal Qui Inventa Le Calcul Integral — 2:46
02. Evariste Aux Fans — 2:45
03. Les Pommes De Lune — 2:39
04. La Chasse Au Boson Intermediaire — 3:22
05. Dans La Lune — 2:16
06. La Faute À Nanterre — 3:38
07. Ma Mie — 2:32
08. Wo I Nee — 2:44
09. Si J’ai Les Cheveux Longs C’est Pour Pas M’enrhumer Atchoum — 1:57
10. La Revolution — 2:18
11. Je Ne Pense Qu’a Ça — 4:07
12. Je Chante Pour Vous Faire Marcher — 1:40
13. Je Ne Suis Pas Simple — 1:18
14. Si Les Étoiles Pouvaient Parler — 4:05

Evariste (Joël Sternheimer) — vocals
Michel Colombier Et Son Orchestre — orchestra (01-05, 07-09)
Jean Morlier — orchestra conductor (11-14)
Jacques Dorfmann, Un Blind Lemon, Le Comité Gavroche Révolutionnaire, Comité Révolutionnaire D’Agitation Culturelle (Sorbonne Libre) — chorus (06, 10)


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