David Wiffen — David Wiffen 1971 (Canada, Folk/Country Rock)

Исполнитель: David Wiffen
Откуда: Canada
Альбом: David Wiffen
Год выхода: 1971
Жанр: Folk/Country Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 66.2 МB

David Wiffen was born in England in 1942, but the singer/songwriter moved to Canada when he was 16. After playing Toronto’s folk venues for a few years, he moved west to Calgary and Vancouver, releasing one solo album in 1965, David Wiffen Live at the Bunkhouse. After playing with the Pacers and the Children (with Bruce Cockburn and Randy Patterson), he joined Three’s a Crowd. While the band was playing a show in New York, an executive from Fantasy signed Wiffen to a solo contract. His self-titled debut album appeared in 1971; it was followed by Coast to Coast Fever (1973; re-released in 1994). David Wiffen has since gained fame for his poetry and other writings.

01. One Step — 2:28
02. Never Make A Dollar That Way — 3:23
03. I’ve Got My Ticket — 2:38
04. What A Lot Of Woman — 2:11
05. Since I Fell For You — 3:28
06. Driving Wheel — 4:21
07. Mr. Wiffen — 2:50
08. Blues Was The Name Of The Song — 1:34
09. Mention My Name In Passing — 2:20
10. More Often Than Not — 3:30

David Wiffen — vocals, acoustic guitar, organ, arranger
Ed Bogas — piano, arranger, producer
Jerry Corbitt — electric guitar, acoustic guitar
John McFee — steel guitar
Sandy Crawley — acoustic guitar
Bing Nathan, Kelly Bryan, Vic Smith — bass guitar
Greg Dewey, Jeff Myer, Jim Stern — drums
Jeremy Merrill — French horn
Germain Wallace, Gerry Gilmore — saxophone
Bernard Krause — Moog synthesizer


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