Dave Peace Quartet – Good Morning Mr. Blues 1969 (UK, Blues)

Исполнитель: Dave Peace Quartet
Откуда: England
Альбом: Good Morning Mr. Blues
Год выхода: 1969
Жанр: Blues
Формат: MP3 CBR 224
Размер архива: 54.4 МB

Единственный альбом группы из Бирмингема, в которой играл Dave Pegg – будущий участник групп “Fairport Convention” и “Jethro Tull”.

I guess I started singing and playing when I realised it was all I could do. I was born in Birmingham, which is no a very inspiring city and I suppose my displeasure in the itself – the colour bar and my natural aggressiveness – led to my interest in jazz, and particularly in the Blues. My first Blues group played in and around the city. Later, after failing all my school exams, at the age of sixteen, (I played in London the night before my Maths exam.) I turned profesional. My parents didn’t understand the music, but they helped me all the same. On this album I have brought together three young men, who, in my estimation, are the cream of Birmingham blues. Mick Walsh is robust drummer who devotes many hours a day to practise, before playing at night. Dave “Lilly” Lloyd plays in animostic guitar, which cost him six pounds. Dave Pegg is a prominent Midland bassist, who was voted Number 1 in a recent popularity poll, and who has recorded many times before, in Blues and Folk. People often ask, “What makes a good blues band?” I say that only living itself can do this. We have played in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and other places, too. The troubles we have encountered along that long road have all gone into music, together with love and joy and death and all those other feelings that living can give. When you listen to this album, I hope that at least one of the songs will fall in line with your particular problem. If you don’t have one, then maybe you will be able to understand someone else’s. ~ Dave Peace.

01. Good Morning Mr. Blues – 4:11
02. Shine Your Shoes – 2:16
03. Blues In C – 3:23
04. Drunkard Blues – 3:53
05. Search This Town – 1:51
06. Take This Carbine – 2:40
07. Couldn’t Bear The Sight – 2:14
08. Never Did The Thing That I Should – 3:42
09. Help Me Jesus – 1:32
10. Every Day – 3:27
11. Wee Wee Baby – 2:10
12. Losers Blues – 2:03

Dave Peace – vocals, guitar
Dave “Lilly” Loyd – guitar
Dave Pegg – bass
Mick Walsh – drums

Dave Pegg


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