Dave Miller/Leith Corbett And Friends – Reflections Of A Pioneer 1970 (Australia, Psychedelic/Blues/Hard Rock)

Dave Miller & Leith Corbett

Исполнитель: Dave Miller/Leith Corbett And Friends
Откуда: Australia
Альбом: Reflections Of A Pioneer
Год выхода: 1970
Жанр: Psychedelic/Blues/Hard Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 91.5 МB

Одноразовый проект австралийских музыкантов Dave Miller (ex- “The Dave Miller Set”) и Leith Corbett (ex- “Blackfeather”). Из “Blackfeather” в новый проект пришел и барабанщик Mike McCormac. Релиз вышел на  лейбле “Spin Records” в  сентябре 1970 года. Весь материал на альбоме – авторский, а Dave и Leith сыграли все партии, кроме ударных. Блюзовая психоделия с влиянием хард-рока, кантри, фолка и прога.

01. Reflections Of A Pioneer – 4:05
02. Don’t You Think It’s Time – 2:51
03. I’ll Be Laughing – 3:02
04. The Loner – 2:20
05. Somehow – 3:35
06. Good Psychology – 3:38
07. 353527 Charles – 3:23
08. I Don’t Believe It – 3:38
09. Your Own Motor Car – 3:16
10. In Your Mind – 4:15
11. It’s Great To Get Up In The Morning, But Better To Stay In Bed – 5:14

Dave Miller – rhythm & 2nd guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals, producer
Leith Corbett – harmonica, flute, bass, tympani, percussion, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, vocals, producer
Mike McCormac – drums
Terry Gascoigne – drums
Alan Sandow – drums
Garrie Ferguson – drums
Robert Turner – congas (05), percussion (11)

Dave Miller & Leith Corbett1

Dave Miller & Leith Corbett2


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11 months ago

Thanks for the Dave Miller share

Hard ti o find album

4 years ago

Thank you

So many hard to find albums on this site. great work

5 years ago

Many thanks for the album.