Cilibrinas Do Éden — Cilibrinas Do Éden 1973 (Brazil, Psychedelic/Folk Rock)

Исполнитель: Cilibrinas Do Éden
Откуда: Brazil
Альбом: Cilibrinas Do Éden
Год выхода: 1973
Жанр: Psychedelic/Folk Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 109 МB

Brazilian ephemeral duo created in 1972 and disbanded in 1973 as a folk-psychedelic project by ex-member of Os Mutantes Rita Lee and Lucia Turnbull. The failure of criticism and public forced them to a change of plans, and to the two they were added the musicians of Lisergia, a rock band from São Paulo. Changing for a glam-rock mood they created Tutti Frutti as a backing band for the solo career of Rita Lee. Lucia Turnbull played and composed as a member of the band on their 1st record, after this becoming a regular writing partner with guest appearances until the last album of Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti, Babilônia. They played in the Phono 73 Festival, although there are no known recordings by the duo.

01. Cilibrinas Do Éden — 2:48
02. Festival Divino — 4:41
03. Bad Trip (Ainda Bem) — 4:08
04. Vamos Voltar Ao Principio Porque Lá É O Fim — 3:56
05. Paixao Da Minha Existencia Atribulada — 4:41
06. Gente Fina É Outra Coisa — 3:17
07. Nessas Alturas Dos Acontecimentos — 3:11
08. E Você Ainda Duvida — 4:46
09. Minha Fama De Mau — 1:50
10. Mamãe Natureza — 3:41
11. Hoje É O Primeiro Dia Do Resto Da Minha Vida — 3:16
12. Mande Um Abraço Para A Velha — 7:43

Rita Lee — vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion, flute
Lucia Turnbull — vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion
Marco Mazzola — producer



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