Catharsis ‎– Volume I «Masq» 1971 (France, Psychedelic/Progressive Rock)

Исполнитель: Catharsis
Откуда: France
Альбом: Volume I «Masq»
Год выхода: 1971
Жанр: Psychedelic/Progressive Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 71.5 МB

Apparently the roots of Catharsis go back to 1968 when Roland Bocquet and Yves de Roubaix met whilst working with Vladimir Cosma on a film soundtrack score. Of all the early bands in French rock, Catharsis were one of the most unique, and arguably the most wonderful of French hippy psychedelic bands. They truly lived up to their name. A unique factor of Catharsis was that although they had singers — they never (or, extremely rarely) did «songs» — sometimes they used words, but no verse/chorus formats — instead the music ran along regardless and they chanted, wailed, or screamed! Think: a hazy tripped-out Pink Floyd meets Quintessence, blended with French culture, and all sorts of other things. Catharsis kind of existed in four phases. On the debut they were a 7-piece band, with lots of exotic instruments. The female singer: Charlotte left shortly after that, but she also features on the 4th LP «Illuminations» which was old archives. After that thing got a bit more sprightly and nimble as a quartet by Rolan Bocquet’s keyboards more to fore, and getting well experimental on the LP side-long opus 32 Mars. A couple of years on they made much more proggy album «Le Bolero De Veau Des Dames», Extremely progressive and creative, with 5 classic LP’s, the only drawback is their shortness. But what quality! Catharsis also had hit singles that became the 1st & 2nd eponymous album’s names upon reissue. Catharsis also made 2 remarkable LP’s with poet Bernard Verley based on the works of Rimbaud. All very esoteric and experimental. For this sort of thing some people compare Catharsis to Ummagumma era Pink Floyd. They also reformed for a further LP in 1976, and then again 30 years later! leader Roland Bocquet continued as a soloist (issuing the excellent «Paradia») and continued as library music and soundtrack composer.

01. Masq — 6:16
02. 4 Art 6 — 8:44
03. Cantique — 6:59
04. Tunnel Extatique — 7:19

Charlotte Boutillier — female vocals, violin, bells
Yves De Roubaix — guitar, vocals
Niles Brown — guitar, violin, vocals, bells
Patrick Moulia — guitar, tambourine, harmonica, vocals
Alain Geoffroy — charango, piano, vocals
Roland Bocquet — organ, piano, glockenspiel, vocals
Charles Eddie — percussion
Hervé Bergerat — producer


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