Catalyst — The Complete Recordings Vol. 1 [2010] (USA, Jazz Rock/Funk/Fusion)

Исполнитель: Catalyst
Откуда: USA
Альбом: The Complete Recordings Vol. 1
Год выхода: 2010 (recorded in 1972/1973)
Жанр: Jazz Rock/Funk/Fusion
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 167 МB

Catalyst was a funk/jazz quartet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose material presaged the work of later jazz fusion artists. The group encountered regional success in the 1970s and have become more widely known since the re-release of their material on CD. The group was discovered by producer Skip Drinkwater, who signed them to Muse Records after hearing them play at a club in West Philadelphia. Drinkwater and Dennis Wilen produced their debut self-titled LP, released in 1972 with the following personnel: Eddie Green (keyboards, vocals), Sherman Ferguson (percussion), Odean Pope (saxophone, flute, oboe), Alphonso Johnson (bass). The group received little label support for major tours and so spent most of their playing time in the Philadelphia and New York areas. The group recorded and released a second album in 1973 on Muse Records, entitled Perception; by this time, bassist Johnson had left the group to join Weather Report, and was replaced by Tyrone Brown. Drinkwater and Wilen also produced this album. Garnering comparisons to John Coltrane, Weather Report, and Return to Forever, a cult following had grown up around the band by this time, who returned in 1974 with Unity, again on Muse. The album featured Billy Hart in addition to its core members. 1975’s A Tear and a Smile would be the group’s final release; poor album sales and disenchantment with the industry led the group to disband in 1976.

From The Album «Catalyst» (1972):
01. Ain’t It The Truth — 2:41
02. East — 7:59
03. Catalyst Is Coming — 8:13
04. Jabali — 8:37
05. New-Found Truths — 5:28
06. Salaam — 1:38
From The Album «Perception» (1973):
07. Perception — 14:33
08. Uzuri — 2:59
09. Celestial Bodies — 8:48
10. Ile Ife — 6:23
11. Got To Be There — 2:44
12. Jabali (Demo Recording) — 5:35

Eddie Green — piano, vocals
Odean Pope — oboe (02), tenor saxophone (03, 04, 07-11), flute (03, 06-11)
Al Johnson — bass (02, 04, 06)
Sherman Ferguson — drums, percussion
Norman Harris — guitar (01, 07-11)
Ron Baker — bass (01)
Morris Bailey — vocals (02)
Anthony Jackson — bass (03, 05, 11)
Skip Drinkwater — poppy pod (02, 05), producer
Tyrone Brown — Fender bass (07-11)
Farel Johnson — congas & percussion (07-11)
Billy Hart — percussion (07-11)
Pat Gleason — Arp synthesizer (07-11)
Dennis Wilen — producer

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