Byzantium — Byzantium 1972 (UK, Psychedelic/Folk Rock)

Исполнитель: Byzantium
Откуда: England
Альбом: Byzantium
Год выхода: 1972
Жанр: Psychedelic/Folk Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 99.2 МB

Byzantium biography by H.T. Riekels

The seeds of BYZANTIUM were sewn in 1970, with Jamie Rubenstein and Nico Ramsden (who wouldn’t appear until the second album) as an acoustic duo. Some recording was done with the help of friend Robin Sylvester, but sales were at best disappointing. Soon they were joined by vocalist Beverly Baxter (who it seems, never actually followed them into the studio), and Robin Lamble on bass. After some success with live gigs, Steve Corduner (a former band mate of Nico and Robin) joined on drums. Now hey had a viable band assembled. However, Jamie had reservations about the whole thing, and left. Chaz Jankel came along to fill the void.

With this lineup, they were set for success. They scored a contract with A&M, and it seemed as if the rock and roll dreams were coming true. But, as in every good rock story, problems arose. Just as the debut album (on which Jamie does appear as a guest) was released, Nico left, citing «musical differences.» During this time, Jamie had been playing with Mick Barakan (another friend from school). Back through the revolving door he went, with Mick in tow. This resulted in their second album, «Seasons Changing.» This time the theme was group effort, as everyone contributed to writing. Chaz was not pleased with the new direction, and left the band (he would end up backing Ian Drury). A&M seemed to share Chaz’s opinion, and dropped BYZANTIUM from the label.

They toiled on their own for a while, even pressing another album, that was unfortunately never available for sale. They toured, and continued to draw crowds. In 1975 they played their last show where they started, at the Roundhouse. After that, it was time to call it quits.


01. What Is Happening? — 5:20
02. I Am A Stranger To My Life — 4:46
03. Come Fair One — 5:53
04. Baby I Can Hear You Calling Me — 5:18
05. Trade Wind — 2:56
06. Into The Country — 4:12
07. Lady Friend — 4:37
08. Why Or Maybe It’s Because — 10:13

Chas Jankel — electric guitar (01-04, 06-08), 12-string acoustic guitar (06), piano (01, 08), organ (01), synthesizer (08), vocals, lead vocals (08)
Nico Ramsden — electric guitar (01-04, 06-08), slide guitar (03), acoustic guitar (06), piano (07), organ (07), percussion (08), vocals, lead vocals (02, 07)
Robin Lamble — bass (01-04, 06-08), acoustic guitar (05), violin (06), vocals, lead vocals (01, 04-06)
Stephen Corduner — drums, percussion (01, 03-04, 06)
Jamie Rubinstein — acoustic guitar (03)
Alan Skidmore — tenor saxophone (07)
Frank Riccotti — timpani (08)
David Katz — director by string section
Roy Young’s Brass Section with Derek Wadsworth
Stuart Taylor — producer
Robin Sylvester — producer, string & brass arrangements


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