Bob Morrison — Columbia Singles 2017 (USA, Pop/Soft Rock)

Исполнитель: Bob Morrison
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Columbia Singles
Год выхода: 2017 (recorded in 1965-1967)
Жанр: Pop/Soft Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 62 МB

Robert E. Morrison is an American songwriter born in Mississippi. Grimm was signed by Columbia Records, where he released a number of singles. With Morrison’s clean-cut image, it appeared as though Columbia was marketing him at the teener market. In 1965, Morrison released his debut single “Hey! Puppet Man” / “I Looked In The Mirror.” Both sides were written and arranged by Morrison, and the songs probably took Columbia by surprise. “Hey! Puppet Man” is garage pop with tones of fuzz. The flip side, the much more mellow “I Looked In The Mirror,” is a slow paced moody folk number. A couple more singles were released on Columbia, but they did not have the same vibe as his debut. In 1968, Morrison signed with Monument and began writing songs for other artists. He released a solo album in 1971, followed by a second in 1978.

01. Hey! Puppet Man — 2:28
02. I Looked In The Mirror — 2:48
03. Let Her Go, Little Heart — 2:17
04. Love Theme From The Sandpiper (The Shadow Of Your Smile) — 2:45
05. I Fall To You — 2:51
06. Then Suddenly — 2:30
07. I’m The Place — 2:13
08. Wait — 2:21
09. Santa Mouse — 2:12
10. It’s Christmas — 1:38
11. The Work Song — 2:00
12. Go Away — 2:42


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