Bifrost — Bifrost 1976 (Denmark, Pop Rock)

Исполнитель: Bifrost
Откуда: Denmark
Альбом: Bifrost
Год выхода: 1976
Жанр: Pop Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 95.8 МB

Danish major league political rock/pop group founded in 1974 and topping their career in the early 80s. The groups major songwriter and vocalist is Tom Lundén, who wrote what is perhaps the most widely known protestsong in Denmark, the Christiania autonome society anthem «I kan ikke slå os ihjel». The band that performed the song on the Christiania benefit album as Det Internationale Sigøjner Kompagni became the initial line up of Bifrost: Lundén, Ida Klemann, Annapurna, Finn Jensen, Torben Andersen, Asger Skjold-Rasmussen, and Mogens Fischer. After the debut album Jensen was replaced by Mikael Miller on guitar. After the 1979 third album Læn Dem Ikke Ud, the group reorganized. Lundén, Klemann and Miller was joined by John Teglgaard, Jeppe Reipurth, and Knut Henriksen. In 1980 the reformed Bifrost released an album of English language songs performing under alias Crazy Canary. In 1981 and 1982 followed the band’s fourth and fifth album that was the fastest selling albums for the group. Then female lead vocalist Ida Kleeman left and was replaced by Pia Cohn in 1983 but by then the group’s popularity was fastly fading. The group folded in 1987 after the release of a final album; by then the lineup was reduced to the duo of Lundén and Cohn surrounded by a number of studio musicians. In 1997 Lundén and Cohn recorded some new songs that were included on the retrospective compilation Hjerte Til Salg.

01. Faldet — 4:11
02. Frihedskæmperen — 2:53
03. Narredans — 5:27
04. Hovedvejskapring — 3:12
05. Lisom Blade — 4:42
06. Osse Jeg — 2:39
07. 12 Fælder — 6:40
08. Spejlstorm — 5:56
09. Idaho — 2:37
10. Vandringssangen — 3:28

Tom Lundén — vocals, piano, accordion, organ, string machine
Annapurna — vocals
Ida Klemann — female vocals, flute
Finn Jensen — guitar, flute, vocals
Asger Skjold-Rasmussen — bass, string machine
Mikael Miller — mandolin, tambourine
Torben Andersen — organ, piano, Moog synthesizer, accordion, string machine
Anders Gårdmand, Jesper Nehammer — saxophone
Jens Haack — trumpet
Mogens Fischer — drums, percussion
Leif Roden — bells (06)


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