Ash – Ash 1979 (Italy, Psychedelic/Progressive Rock)

Исполнитель: Ash
Откуда: Italy
Альбом: Ash
Год выхода: 1979
Жанр: Psychedelic/Progressive Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 192 (Vinyl Rip)
Размер архива: 50.8 МB

An obscure Italian group from La Spezia that only released an inconsistent English-sung rock album with strong foreign influences under false names. A rare single under their name, sung in Italian but without a release date. also exists. Drummer Benedini, from Brescia, had been in La Bottega del Fabbro and also played with singers Marcella and Gianni Bella.

01. Easy Game – 5:30
02. Clown – 5:48
03. The Desert Of The Clear Earth – 6:01
04. What Can I Do – 6:36
05. Fool! I’m Going – 5:17
06. Shadows Of Love – 6:14

Monica – vocals
Guitar Duck (Antonello Gabelli) – guitar, vocals
Mike Arge (Piero Argela) – strings, keyboards, vocals
Emil Horse (Emilio Cavallo) – bass
George Hush (Giorgio VIncenzi) – grand piano, synthesizer, keyboards
Roby Benedini (Roberto Benedini) – drums


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