Wendy Waldman ‎- Love Has Got Me 1973 (USA, Folk/Pop Rock)

Исполнитель: Wendy Waldman
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Love Has Got Me
Год выхода: 1973
Жанр: Folk/Pop Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 88.4 МB

Biography by Charles Donovan

Wendy Waldman emerged from the same Los Angeles scene as Karla Bonoff, Andrew Gold, Linda Ronstadt, and J.D. Souther. She first recorded as part of the group Bryndle (with Bonoff, Gold, and Kenny Edwards), and when they disbanded in the early ’70s with only one unreleased album to their name, she was signed by Warner Bros. Her sound was typical of singer/songwriters of the period (she played piano and acoustic guitar), although her earliest work boasted more experimental flourishes than most. Waldman’s father, Fred Steiner, was a Hungarian/American composer, and her mother, Shirley, a professional violinist; it was clear she had been schooled in a wide variety of musical styles. Waldman’s first success came when Maria Muldaur recorded two of her songs, «Mad Mad Me» and «Vaudeville Man,» on her self-titled 1972 album. She was particularly skillful at writing blues-based tunes, with unexpected Gershwin-esque and orchestral twists, and her first two albums, Love Has Got Me and Gypsy Symphony, were extremely strong and critically favored. But none of her releases sold more than 25,000 copies, and she never made a chart appearance. After the failure of 1982’s Which Way to Main Street, she moved to Nashville and ultimately proved a stronger commercial prospect as a non-performing songwriter, particularly in 1991 when Vanessa Williams enjoyed enormous success with «Save the Best for Last.» In 1995, Bryndle re-formed for one album and she toured both with them and as a solo artist.

01. Train Song — 2:59
02. Thinking Of You — 3:25
03. Gringo En Mexico — 2:46
04. Horse Dream — 2:45
05. Can’t Come In — 3:14
06. Pirate Ships — 2:53
07. Old Time Love — 2:29
08. Vaudeville Man — 2:41
09. Lee’s Traveling Song — 4:14
10. Natural Born Fool — 2:38
11. Waiting For The Rain — 2:28
12. Love Has Got Me — 4:20

Wendy Waldman — vocals, piano (01, 04, 06, 10), electric piano (01), organ (01), dulcimer (03), guitar (05, 11, 12), acoustic guitar (07-09)
Ken Edwards — bass (01), mandolin (01), guitar (02, 10), slide guitar (08), sitar (09), backing vocals (07, 09, 10)
Andrew Gold — guitar (01, 05), electric piano (07, 09, 12), organ (07), backing vocals (01, 07, 09, 10)
Gene Garfin — drums (01)
Russell Kunkel — drums (03, 05, 07-12)
Leland Sklar — bass (03, 05)
Wilton Felder — bass (07-12)
Larry Bunker — vibraphone (02)
Stephen Paietta — accordion (06)
Joe Porcaro — percussion (06)
Bobbye H. Porter — percussion (07, 09, 12)
Carmi Simon — resonator guitar (07, 09), mandolin (08), electric guitar (12)
Peter Ivers — harmonica (08)
Steve Ferguson — piano (08, 11)
Karla Bonoff — backing vocals (01)
Allan Harshman, Edgar Lustgarten, Erno Neufeld, Frederick Seykora, Meyer Rubin, Nathan Kaproff, Virginia Majewski — strings (02, 06)
UCLATLAN Mariachi Band — backing band (03)
Charles Findley, Donald Menza, Jim Horn, John Joseph Kelson, Jr. — horns (05, 07, 10-12)
Greg Prestopino, Karen Alexander, Maria Muldaur — backing vocals (07, 09, 10)
David Campbell, David Speltz, Denise Buffum, Gordon Marron, Kenneth Yerke, Richard Greene, Sheldon Sanov — strings (09, 11, 12)
Charles Plotkin — producer


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26 days ago

Beauty! Blessings…

Peter Ivers — harmonica, is a forgotten character from 70s LA music culture. His own two album releases (’74, ’76) are somewhat elusive and interesting, his story tragic.

A wonderful band from Los Angeles called El Chicano would record Waldman’s ‘Gringo En Mexico’ (… and Freddie Hubbard’s ‘Little Sunflower’) a year later on their MCA album ‘Cinco’ (1974).
El Chicano’s 70s catalog (8 LPs from 1970-1976) certainly warrants inclusion among the latin rock collection featured here at Archeologia.
El Chicano was one of the originators of the California latin rock sound that spawned both north and south in Los Angeles and Bay areas.
Alongside their contemporaries Santana, War, Malo, Sapo, Azteca, Tierra, Yaqui, Toro, Black Sugar, Dakila and Elijah (formerly Evergreen Blues).
Post Santana performance at Woodstock Festival-NY, this fresh rock sound would very soon penetrate the streets of the east as well. In the repertoire of bands like Chango, Mandrill, The Antiques, Broth, Mother Night, Harvey Averne Barrio Band and Ghetto Brothers.

26 days ago

Thank you so much