The Pebbles ‎- The Pebbles’ Best 2010 (Belgium, Pop Rock)

Исполнитель: The Pebbles
Откуда: Belgium
Альбом: The Pebbles’ Best
Год выхода: 2010 (recorded in 1965-1972)
Жанр: Pop Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 145 МB

The band formed in 1964 in Hoboken, Belgium. Originally named The Fredstones they were a very popular cover band. They recorded two singles produced by Norman Petty (Buddy Holly): one of them became a n°2 hit in Canada. They changed their name to The Pebbles and signed with Barclay. They sounded like a hybrid of The Hollies, The Moody Blues and The Beatles, especially when it came to the similar use of falsetto harmonies. They scored one hit after the other (two n°1 hits in Belgium, France and Spain), but the Barclay label was not interested in the Anglo-Saxon world, so their records were not released in the US and UK. However «Seven Horses in the Sky / The Verger» was one of the favorites of pirate radio ‘Radio Caroline’. Thanks to their live-reputation, The Pebbles shared the bill with Jimi Hendrix, Small Faces, The Nice, Fleetwood Mac, Colosseum and Yes. George Harrison was so charmed by the band, that he invited The Pebbles to join the Apple Records label, but Alain Milhaud («Black Is Black / I Want a Name» — Los Bravos) wouldn’t let them go. In 1969 they recorded their first album. Luk Smets left the band soon after. Their biggest hits were «Get Around», «Seven Horses in the Sky», «Incredible George», «To the Rising Sun», «Mother army», «The Kid Is Allright» and «Mackintosh». Years later they ended obligations with Barclay and wanted airplay in UK and US, so they joined United Artists Records. The Pebbles made a beautiful second album with Ed Welsh and still had a few local and Spanish hits, but they never really made it in Britain. They disbanded in 1974. Luk Smets formed Shampoo, while Bob and Fred worked with Dream Express and Trinity.

01. Genevieve — 2:33
02. You Better Believe It — 2:36
03. Wavering Retrospection — 3:09
04. I Got To Sing — 2:53
05. Ways Enough Words Enough — 2:12
06. Saturday Moontime — 2:53
07. Seven Horses In The Sky — 3:41
08. In Love Again — 2:12
09. Down At Kiki — 3:45
10. Jelly Mama — 3:29
11. The Verger — 3:31
12. Life’s Not Bad At All — 2:51
13. 40 Miles Inside Your Heart — 2:40
14. Get Around — 2:39
15. Mackintosh — 4:31
16. Street Named Love — 4:09
17. 24 Hours At The Border — 3:22
18. Lynch Party — 3:29
19. Huma, La La La — 2:00
20. Someone To Love — 2:36
21. I Wonder — 3:12
22. Genevieve (French EP Version) — 2:27

Bob Bobott — guitar, vocals
Luk Smets — guitar, vocals
Fred Bekky — guitar, vocals
Miel Gielen — bass, vocals
Axel Van Duyn — bass, vocals
Louis De Laat — drums
Cel De Cauwer — drums
Patrick Wijnants — bass, vocals
Johnny Verhas — drums
Tim Turcksin — guitar, vocals


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04.12.2020 22:52

Thanks for The Pebbles ‎– The Pebbles´ Best !