Tangerine ‎– De L’Autre Côté De La Forêt… 1975 (France, Progressive/Folk Rock)

Исполнитель: Tangerine
Откуда: France
Альбом: De L’Autre Côté De La Forêt…
Год выхода: 1975
Жанр: Progressive/Folk Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 87.4 МB

Двухальбомная группа из Belfort (Franche-Comté), активная в 1975-1981 годах.

TANGERINE are a largely forgotten French folk band that stood out for releasing a couple of minor prog folk albums in the mid-seventies that often hearkened back to late sixties and early seventies North American folk. The band consisted of vocalist Val?ry Btesh (who did not appear on the band’s second release ‘Memoire’), multi-instrumentalist Marc Donahue, and guitarists Gabriel Malka and Charlie Sabban. The band’s first release ‘De L’Autre Cote de la Foret’ came in 1975 and was distinguished by the distinctive folkish vocals of Val?ry Btesh, who also accompanied the remaining trio on guitar. This gave the band a rather unique sound that often featured four guitarists but not much drumming except for the soft bongos offered by Donahue and some guest work by Roger Gremillot. The band’s songs alternated between English and French, with each showing distinctive influences. The English compositions most often sounded similar to American and British acts ranging from THE BYRDS to AMERICA to GENESIS, while the French tracks can be favorably likened to HARMONIUM or BEAU DOMMAGE. The band’s second release in 1976 (‘Memoire’) was marked by the absence of Btesch and a noticeable shift to a more blues-rock sound and heavier emphasis on English vocals. A 1977 release (‘Reves Cristal’) was co-titled as a TANGERINE and Valery Btesh offering, but was in fact for the most part a Btesch solo recording. The band faded from public view shortly afterwards, and although CBS released a little-heralded single «L’Epouvantail» b/w «Mon ami Kid» in 1981, by then TANGERINE were little more than a memory.

01. De L’Autre Côté De La Forêt — 2:58
02. Death — 2:45
03. Méditations — 7:28
04. Liberté — 3:50
05. It’s Ending — 4:21
06. Listen — 2:32
07. Time — 3:30
08. Éveil — 3:40
09. Direction Sud — 3:30

Marc Donahue — vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, keyboards, saxophone, bongos
Valérie Btesh — female vocals, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar
Charlie Sabban — vocals, acoustic guitar
Gabriel Malka — vocals, 12-string guitar
Alain Carnel — bass
Roger Gremillot — drums, percussion
Jean-Claude Pognant — producer


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