Solution — Solution 1971 (Netherlands, Progressive/Jazz Rock)

Исполнитель: Solution
Откуда: Netherlands
Альбом: Solution
Год выхода: 1971
Жанр: Progressive/Jazz Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 89.1 МB

Solution biography

Founded 1970 — Disbanded 1983 (re-united for 2 shows in Club Panama, Amsterdam on March 19/20, 2006)

Founder members Tom Barlage (saxophone) and Willem Ennes (piano) had played together in the Dutch band The Keys. The band played a crossover of jazzrock and soul. The band changed its name to Soulution and in 1969 drummer Hans Waterman (Ex-Cuby & The Blizzards) joined the band. One half of the musicians wanted to play songs the other half wanted to improvise in a jazz fashion. Soon the band split and Barlage, Ennes & Waterman formed Solution.

The band signed to the small Catfish label and was joined by Peter van der Sande on bass. The quartet recorded their first self titled record in 1971. The influence on this record, a brillant example of early jazzrock, ranged from Frank Zappa and Soft Machine to John Coltrane and contained an adaption of a classical composition by French composer Jaques Ibert.

For their second record ‘Divergence’ (1972) the band signed to EMI’s progressive subsidiary Harvest and Guus Willemse replaced Van der Sande on bass. Willemse brought not only a rockier side with his semi acoustic Höffner bass, but became also singer of the band. ‘Divergence’ is as good as the first record with a punchier side and amore pronounced soul influence.

Due to the military duty of Barlage and Ennes the band had to stop. At the same time the musical climate had changed from experimental to a more polished fusion and Solution tried to jump on the train. Their third record ‘Cordon Bleu’ (1975) was produced by Gus Dudgeon fom Elton John fame. Still a good record, it was nevertheless moving more into a soul jazz direction with smooth ballads. The fourth record, ‘Fully Interlocking’ (1977), again produced by Gus Dudgeon, now for CBS, followed the same direction, alternating soul and jazzrock still with interesting instrumental passages.

In the meantime Disco had arrived and Solution changed to a fullblown funk-soul outfit, and recorded ‘Its Only Just Begun’ (1980), their most succesful record, still with solid songwriting, but no traces of Prog left. Their last studio record ‘Runaway’ (1982), was co produced by Jim Capaldi (Traffic), who co-wrote also some of the tracks and the band was joined by guitarist Harry Hardholt. Apart from the awful cover the band drowned even deeper in uninspired soul-funk. In 1983 the band made a farewell tour, that was released as a record ‘Solution Live’ (1983).


01. Koan — 7:50
02. Preview — 0:57
03. Phases — 12:17
04. Trane Steps — 10:18
05. Circus Circumstances — 7:03

Tom Barlage — flute, alto & soprano saxophones
Willem Ennes — piano, electric piano, organ
Peter van der Sande — bass, vocals
Hans Waterman — drums
Steve Boston — gong & cowbell (03)
John Schuursma, Joop Visser — producer


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