Scott Walker ‎- The Early Years 2005 (USA, Rockabilly/Rock & Roll/Doo-Wop)

Исполнитель: Scott Walker
Откуда: USA
Альбом: The Early Years
Год выхода: 2005 (recorded in 1958)
Жанр: Rockabilly/Rock & Roll/Doo-Wop
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 84.5 МB

Noel Scott Engel was born in 1943, the son of an oil industry manager whose work led the family to various successive homes in Ohio, Texas, Colorado and New York. Scott and his mother would eventually settle in California in 1959. While initially possessing no particular desire to be a singer, Scott was interested in both music and performance and had already spent time as a child actor and singer in the late 1950s. Originally championed by singer and TV host Eddie Fisher, he had appeared several times on Fisher’s TV series and had recorded several songs – one of which was called «Misery» – which saw him briefly marketed as a teen idol (and in the style of other popular singers of his time). At the time of his arrival in Los Angeles, Scott had already changed both his taste and his direction. Interested in the progressive jazz of Stan Kenton and Bill Evans, he was also a self-confessed «Continental suit-wearing natural enemy of the Californian surfer»and a fan of European cinema (in particular Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini and Robert Bresson) and the Beat poets. In between attending art school and furthering his interests in cinema and literature, Scott played bass guitar and was proficient enough to get session work in Los Angeles although still a teenager. In 1961, after playing with The Routers, he met guitarist and singer John Maus, who was already using the stage name John Walker as a fake ID to enable him to perform in clubs while under age. At first they formed a new band, Judy and the Gents, backing Walker’s sister Judy Maus, before joining with other musicians to tour as The Surfaris (although they did not play on the Surfaris’ records). In early 1964, Scott and John Walker began working together as The Walker Brothers, later in the year linking up with drummer Gary Leeds, whose father financed the trio’s first trip to the UK…

01. The Livin’ End — 2:27
02. Good For Nothin’ — 1:48
03. Charley Bop — 1:47
04. All I Do Is Dream Of You — 2:36
05. Bluebell — 2:45
06. Paper Doll — 2:37
07. The Golden Rule — 2:21
08. Sunday — 2:07
09. Comin’ Home — 2:06
10. I Don’t Wanna Know — 2:03
11. Too Young To Know — 2:17
12. Sing Boy Sing — 1:23
13. Too Young — 1:50
14. Everybody But Me — 2:14
15. Take This Love — 1:56
16. Till You Return — 2:14
17. When I Kiss You Goodnight — 1:26
18. When You See Her — 2:05


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