Jack Schechtman — Jack Schechtman 1972 (Italy/USA/Canada, Folk Rock)

Исполнитель: Jack Schechtman
Откуда: Italy/USA/Canada
Альбом: Jack Schechtman
Год выхода: 1972
Жанр: Folk Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 84.4 МB

AKA «Jack Tobi» and «Jack Gabriel». Known for world music, reggae and folk-ballads. Released 8 records on his own Nisa label. Musicologist at the CBC from 1980-1994. «Dean of the Obscure» on the «Finkleman’s 45’s» show, and the host of «Variety Tonight» on CBC Radio. Engaging live show lauded by Bruce Kirkland of the Toronto Star. Played with the Jerry Garcia band in 2007 at the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, CA. Performed in the group Firecloud in the late 70’s.

01. You Of All People — 3:44
02. Blind Faith — 3:46
03. Sing & Sway — 3:14
04. Criss-Crossing — 3:36
05. A Lady To Love — 3:45
06. Up & Down — 3:33
07. Razor — 2:49
08. Sharpshooter Delight — 3:09
09. On Cherry Mountain — 3:40
10. The Road Rolls On — 3:50
11. Glory Come, Glory Go — 2:25

Jack Schechtman — vocals, guitar
Suzie Schechtman — harmony vocals
Maribeth Solomon — piano, organ, vocals, electric maestro
Micky Erbe — bass, vocals, strings arrangements
Brian Leonard — drums
Tony Nolasco — drums, groans
Yehuda Wolk — tumba, quinto drums
Michael McKenna — lead guitar (08)
Adam Mitchell — guitars, bass, organ, mouth harp, vocals
Warren Bernhardt — piano
Frank Owens — organ
Donald McDonald — drums
Marugai — African talking, clay drums
Bill Keith — pedal steel guitar
Tony Levin — bass
Ralph Casale — guitars
Artie Schreck — percussion
Phil Bodner — flute
Maretha Stuart, Lesley Miller, Linda November, Helen Miles, Hilda Harris, Pattie Austin — chorus (06)


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03.10.2022 12:34

This link doesn’t work for me, always times out.
Can you please upload to some other site? Thanks!

01.10.2022 11:07

Pleasant listen….…will you be adding any more of his albums?

01.10.2022 13:40
Reply to  vovchik59

I saw an article last night noting that he had released several albums on his own label… I find tonight that he is now a rabbi and it seems his other albums are of a religious nature, most in Hebrew. Not my cup of tea.

30.09.2022 13:40

Can’t get this one past my virus checker… keeps blocking page after I click on download. Could you just test it. If it works for you, I may just have to go without.

30.09.2022 22:13
Reply to  vovchik59

Never doubted that. I just added the site as an “exception” and it worked fine. Thanks.