God’s Children ‎- Music Is The Answer: The Complete Collection 2017 (USA, Latin/Jazz Rock/Soul)

Исполнитель: God’s Children
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Music Is The Answer: The Complete Collection
Год выхода: 2017 (recorded in 1971)
Жанр: Latin/Jazz Rock/Soul
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 118.2 МB

In 1971, having previously been members of Thee Midniters, Willie Garcia and Ray Jimenez through a series of telephone conversations both agreed to work on a new project. Li’ Ray brought a teenage girl with a big voice, Lydia Amesqua, raised up on the Latino vocal styles of the day, including those of Thee Midniters. It was Amesqua who named the band («Because , well, we’re all God’s Children» as she said). They would add two more female singers, Fawn and Stacy Rymal. Visually the group looked cool with long hair and dressing in the style of the day. So it was three girls and two guys for a total of five singers-a little like a Latino 5th Dimension. God’s Children began to blend doo wop, funk and choreography into a new brand of soulful sound. Eastside music entrepreneur Eddie Davis booked studio time for God’s Children and arranged for a 40-piece orchestra be present at the session. Soon the band was signed to the UNI label for more recording. This time Phil Spector’s Wrecking Crew assisted at the sessions. Two singles were released by Uni, but soon dealing with label hierarchy disillusioned the band members who went their separate ways. Little Willie G would join the progressive Latino rockers Malo. Amesqua continued performing live under the name Lydia Verdugo and ray still works regularly at his East LA studio.

01. Music Is The Answer — 4:05
02. It Don’t Make No Difference — 3:22
03. If You Ever Go Away — 3:15
04. I Just Wish — 3:16
05. Dream — 3:05
06. Brown Baby — 3:10
07. Hey, Does Somebody Care — 3:00
08. Lonely Lullaby — 2:22
09. Music Is The Answer — 3:27
10. Music Is The Answer — 3:33
11. Put Your Head On My Shoulder — 2:58
12. That’s The Way God Planned It — 2:38
13. If You Ever Go Away — 3:14
14. If You Ever Go Away — 3:15
Tracks 01, 05-09, 12 featuring Little Willie G.
Tracks 02, 04, 07 featuring Little Ray
Tracks 03, 11, 13 featuring Lydia Amesqua

God’s Children
Little Willie G. (Willie Garcia) — vocals
Lil’ Ray (Ramon Jimenez) — vocals
Lydia Amesqua — vocals
Fawn Rymal — vocals
Stacy Rymal — vocals
Alan D. Flores — bass
Anthony «Beaver» Carroll — bass
Ray Montisanto — B3 organ
Steve Gutierrez — drums
Studio Musicians (The Wrecking Crew)
David T. Walker — guitar
Carol Kaye — bass
Leon Russell — piano
Hal Blaine — drums
Paul Humphrey — drums


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