Candle Factory — Nightshift 1977 (UK, Folk/Christian Rock)

Исполнитель: Candle Factory
Откуда: England
Альбом: Nightshift
Год выхода: 1977
Жанр: Folk/Christian Rock
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 87.2 МB

Very rare British private press of what in collectors’ circles they call “progressive folk” over there, meaning it’s not just simple 2-chord sing-a-longs but more in the artsy creative direction. Candle Factory possesses a quiet delicate style, usually slow and dreamy, gentle male/female vocals backed by acoustic guitar, along with soft electric lead guitar. Not always as immediately accessible as some of the other big UK folk greats, yet nevertheless a very moving and at times haunting work, somewhat reminiscent of Mystery Maker. ‘Mary’s Song’ includes some lovely violin accompaniment. Seldom trite lyrically as the following titles attest: ‘First To Seventh’, ‘Blue Denim’, ‘Little Boys’, ‘Goodnight To The World’, ‘Drowning In Love’, ‘First Song/Diamond Sky Medley’, ‘Noonday Is Shadeless’, ‘So You Feel’, ‘I Wish’ and ‘Stand Back Satan’. Same obscure label (CAVS – Christian Audio Vision Services) as Maranatha, Mathetai, and Water, Wind & Fire. (Ken Scott — Archivist)

01. First To Seventh — 5:42
02. Blue Denim — 2:40
03. Mary’s Song — 4:17
04. Little Boys — 4:15
05. Goodnight To The World — 4:37
06. Drowning In Love — 3:56
07. First Song / Diamond Sky Medley — 5:48
08. Noonday Is Shadeless — 5:07
09. So You Feel — 3:47
10. I Wish — 3:21
11. Stand Back Satan — 4:03

Jon Evans
Chris Warren
Lucy Reynolds
Martin Allison
Luis Parajon


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